Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Garden Sculpture Done!

For those who come to this blog looking for art related information and keep finding other things, I can only apologize. Life, as they say, is a bit crazy of late.

But there is good news. Just now - less than 30 minutes ago - I put the finishing touches on a large garden sculpture. It's about 30" tall, 30" wide, and probably 18" thick. It's carved from pumice, so it will survive weather, but not kids climbing on it. (Of course, any kid that climbs on it will get scratched up rather nastily. Pumice is sharp.)

You'll note there are no pictures of this new work here. That's deliberate, sort of. This piece - I haven't even named it yet - will show for the very first time this coming Saturday, Sept 27th. For details about attending that show please click here. If you'd rather wait for pictures to appear on my website, I hope that happens sometime next week. I might post it in here too.

There are a couple of other new pieces - finished up in the last week or two - appearing at this show as well. And if anyone out there has been wanting one of my fins - paperweight sized pieces shaped like stylized shark, dolphin or whale fins - I'll have nine (yes, nine!) new ones at the show. Well, technically I'm going to be giving one away as a door prize, so there will be only eight for sale, but you get the idea.

I hope to see you at the show!