Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Birthday Present

I have some, ah, "interesting" friends.

One couple recently gave me an aebleskiver pan for my birthday. Tonight I used it for the first time to make something almost - but not entirely - unlike aebleskivers.

For those not familiar with them, you can google them, I suppose, or you can just take my word on it that they are a Danish dish, much like a pancake, but cooked in a very oddly shaped pan that results in their looking a bit like two inch diameter baseballs. Usually they are sweet - like a pancake, as mentioned - but they can also be savory if made differently. They might also be filled with fruit or other things to make them even more interesting.

Tonight I tried a simple whole wheat pancake recipe, and it worked out well. My cooking technique needs work - the results looked a bit like misshapen, damaged footballs, but they tasted good, even the filled ones.

My wife doesn't like the recipe I used - she claims she can taste the baking power or some such thing - but it worked for me.

I'll keep playing with this pan from time to time, trying different - and progressively weirder - things. It should be fun.

Thanks to Alan & Irene - the previously mentioned "interesting friends - for the birthday gift!


  1. Strictly, the pan is Anne's birthday gift and the infrared temperature gun is YOURS.

    fact police!!

  2. Ah, well, that hadn't ever been clear to me. Thank you for that clarification.

    The temperature gun was quite good at pointing out that one of our burners is very much hotter on one side than the other. Go figure.

  3. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWxISl1dpyI to see how you make aebleskiver round!

  4. Interesting. There's more turning than I anticipated, and in a different direction. I'll be better armed for it next time I try it. Thanks.


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