Friday, September 5, 2008

Mountain Living - Too Much Fruit Redux

This post comes in two parts:
  • Young quince trees are dumb. They grow so much fruit that limbs break off under the weight. And just what good are quince anyway? This will get me in trouble with my wife, but as far as I can tell all you can do with them is smother them in sugar. Seems kind of odd, but she's in charge. And as a result we have many quince - harvested from the dumb tree to keep it from losing the rest of its limbs - that she will have to do something with.
  • Grapes grapes grapes. We have a couple of neighbors with vineyards, and it's harvest time. They call all the folks around to come help them harvest the fruit, and then stuff us full of good food and wine to thank us for the help. Twice last week I assisted with the harvest in one of those vineyards. My waistline is complaining from those efforts, but tomorrow I do it again. I think this is the last time this year. Collectively we harvest thousands of pounds of pinot noir grapes. Talk about too much fruit.
That's it for tonight. Gotta get some sleep before hauling five gallon buckets of grapes around tomorrow.