Jeff's FAQ - Last Updated May 2017

Jeff's FAQ - Last Updated August 2017

  • What are you doing?
    Moving to Canada. Yes, Canada. The Vancouver area, more specifically. And technically we have moved to Canada now. We're there.
  • Why are you doing that?
    Well, there are several reasons. Anne and I have slightly different versions of this, and have different emphasis on things, but they amount to:
    • I am going back to school for at least a couple of years. It's something I have wanted to do for some time.
    • If we can get permanent residency in Canada - as we hope - we should be able to stay there for a long time, perhaps the rest of our lives. And we really like the Pacific Northwest.
    • It's time for a new adventure.
    • We feel at home there. Their attitudes are more like our own than those we find in much of the US.
    • Have you seen who is in the White House? Or the march in Charlottsville? Ugh.
  • When are you doing that?
    It's done. We moved at the end of July, 2017.
  • Are you going to come back?
    We don't currently anticipate that, but we're at the mercy of Canada's immigration system. If we get permanent residency we'll probably stay there. If not, we'll come back to the US when the visas expire.
  • Are you selling your house or renting it out?
    It sold. Off market to friends. We hope they love it.
  • What will you be studying? What kind of degree are you getting?
    I will be studying Art. Fine art. Trying to get the background I have never had as an engineering major. In Canada, the degree I will get in 2 years is called a "Diploma". We would call it an AA down here. Once that is done I might go on to a BFA or and MFA if the interest is still there. Or not. I am leaving the options open on that front. The school is Langara College.
  • Any particular kind of art?
    I get asked this fairly often. At the moment the answer is no. I am really starting from scratch and trying to get some of the background I never had. In the fullness of time, who knows. I still have a soft spot for sculpture, even if people almost never want to buy it. But time will tell, and I hope to be exposed to a lot of media that i haven't worked in, and I may find inspiration in any number of places.
  • Why study art in Vancouver rather than in the US?
    Aside from the cultural things, British Columbia has an amazing presence of First People's art in the area that I find fascinating and inspirational. I felt the same way when we visited the Inland Passage in Alaska years ago. I suspect the environment will be good for me in several ways as I look to kick myself in the butt and make more art.
  • What will Anne do?
    Work. She brought her job with her from the US.
  • And the dogs?
    They're here with us, of course. That makes renting at challenge, but we'll deal with it. They are our children, after all.