Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Open Letter To Charities

So, you run a charity of some sort.  And for some reason I am on your list of potential sponsors.

Let me make something perfectly clear:  If you call my home you will not be given any money.  In fact, I will instruct the poor person on the other end to remove us from your calling list, tell them we never give money to anyone who calls us on the phone, and hang up.

I do the same thing to surveys and political solicitations.

You have a million ways into the life of the average American: ads by direct mail, billboard, TV, Internet, wrapped cars, buses, and a million other surfaces; do good works resulting in news coverage; civil disobedience resulting in news coverage; buy your news coverage outright, and on and on.  Heck, half the charities in the world attempt to buy legislation to do what they want.  You do not need to use my phone to reach me.

Calling me on the phone is offensive.  It wastes my time and assumes I am willing to accept the call, which I can assure you 100% of the time is not the case.

I don't care if I've given you money before or not, do not call me.  If you do, your contributions will dry up.

If we all did that, imagine how much quieter dinner time would be.