Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life Is Throwing Curve Balls Lately

I had planned a blog post about Google today.  Half of it was going to be something of a rant about how Google has screwed a few things up lately and needs to straighten up and fly right, in line with their motto.  The other half was going to be directed at the people and pundits who have been spouting off about how evil Google is, without looking at the big picture, and thus missing a number of interesting points, particularly comparisons with other companies and their actions.

I had it mostly written in my head last night as I was falling asleep.  It was going to be a good post.

That all changed this morning with a phone call.  Now my wife is on her way to her parent's house.  Her father is seriously ill, and it is not clear he will survive.

Such news - yet another slap in the face by the cosmos - puts the Google issues into perspective.  They're trivia, entirely unimportant.

At least to me.

Safe travels, Anne.  I wish your dad all the best, and I will do whatever I can for you as we go forward.  I love you.