Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mountain Living - Water Part I.V

Aside: I have no idea how the Romans would have noted 1.5. Would it have been I.V as I've done it? No clue. Anyway...

Just talked to the well pro and he (obviously) didn't get here today. As he kind of expected, the job today went long, and he didn't get back to my pump testing.

He promises he will have it fixed and installed before Wednesday, though, so the next water update is delayed until he gets the work done, and possibly longer. I've got a two week vacation coming up soon as well that may delay things. If I have a computer that works while I'm gone I might be able to post something, but if not, this will be a quiet blog until I get back. Many of you - if there are many of you reading this - will probably appreciate that.


  1. Hey, Jeff,
    Well you have at least one reader! Can't wait to get to the next installment of fixing the well. I hope it's not "boring".

  2. My fan base is growing! Thanks Doug!

    I'll make sure the next post abuot my water system is a deep one. (Sorry, it had to be said.)


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