Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wind, Wind, Go Away...

For those of you living in Northern CA, things are pretty ugly right now. We have a large batch of wild fires burning from Monterey all the way up through Sacramento. And we have wind to drive them along with tinder dry brush and trees to burn thanks to an extremely dry spring.

Last night I slept only in fits because the wind was blowing so steadily. I expected my pager to go off for a tree down, wires down, or a fire. The recent Summit Fire was wind driven and it's left me wondering just what we're going to be dealing with this Summer.

In the end we got through the night without incident, and things are calmer now, but we still have some wind. And according to the NOAA weather site it's predicted to continue through Thursday evening. That's a very long time from now.

In addition, I've learned that Doug's home is threatened by a flood, so now I have to worry about him too.. I hope he has a home to go back to when his current trip ends.