Monday, June 9, 2008

The Overhead of Life

I have to credit my friend and former co-worker Jesse Mundis with the phrase "the overhead of life". Of course he may not have originated it, but I think I heard it from him, and it turns out to be useful. That's probably because I spend a lot of time dealing with the overhead of life now, and wondering how I ever managed to get anything done before I stopped working full time.

What is the overhead of life? Well, it's the stuff you have to do to get to the stuff you want to do. Laundry. Washing dishes. For some, cooking. Cleaning. Paying and mailing bills. Going to the grocery store. You get the idea. None of it is very exciting, but if it doesn't get done other things grind to a halt.

For me, today's big time sink was mowing a part of the lot to get our 100' clearance on that side of the house. I mowed the entire thing weeks ago, but - of course - all the weeds came back. The problem is that when they did grow back I was in the thick of other work and didn't have time to get after them again right away. But today, at least, I did get a chunk of that issue handled. More will probably happen over the next few days as well. Thus, the overhead of life sucks time away from other endeavours.

Despite that, I did manage to publish some more of my VFD related articles. I keep them online over here if you're interested. I was a few months behind in getting them uploaded, but with a new article for the local news magazine about the Summit Fire, I figured I'd better get caught up.

I've got 4 books stacked up too, waiting to get reviewed, and those reviews need to be posted both on my site and on Doug's site too.

I have a web page to create about the sculpture I repaired. I have all the pictures except the last one of the piece in it's home, but the rest isn't started yet.

And I've got a commission of sorts that I need to work on for an outdoor sculpture. That's on a tight deadline and I need to get moving. I spent time yesterday getting the stone to have a base and sit upright, which is good. Then this morning I had an "ah-hah!" moment about what the piece may look like, but I haven't yet managed to get back out to the driveway to work on it. My thermometer says it's 93 degrees outside, so I'm lying low after mowing and trying to get other things done while staying cool.

Hopefully you'll find links to all these good things around the site in time, and maybe a few other interesting things as well.

I hope the overhead of life doesn't get in your way too much. Go out and get something useful - or fun - done!