Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long day

Just a brief post tonight. It was a very busy day on many levels. This morning at 1am the pager went off for a fire and Loma Prieta's water tender was requested. I got to the station and was on the rig. We headed out and almost got to 17 before we were cancelled. Thus, I spent from 1am - 2am not sleeping, and that has made today that much more interesting. The morning was spent on "the overhead of life" and the afternoon was spent on repairing a sculpture, which I needed to get to. Then it was off to teach stone carving class. I'm exhausted.

The big news on the Summit Fire today is 100% containment has been achieved, and everyone who was evacuated has now been allowed back into their homes. That's a big milestone.

Perhaps tomorrow I will post a photo I took on my Sunday evening water tender shift, but I'm too tired (and it's too late) to do that tonight.