Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Long time gone

Boy have I been away for a while.  Busy is too polite a word for it, but whatever the name it's not been much fun.

At the moment, though, things appear to be settling down a bit.  The next couple of weeks will be rocky as a result of visitors in town, but after that things may be calmer, which means I might have time to write more.  (And even as I say that the phone across the room warbles to tell me that a new text message has arrived.  Yay.)

In any case I have a new toy that may make writing a bit more interesting, or possible.  A new Chromebook has arrived, and it has a few interesting features that I am starting to figure out.   Hopefully the next month or three will see it getting substantial use, and this blog - and other things - will benefit.

That said, the next two weeks will not be filled with posts, so give me a little time to get past other commitments first.

Have a great summer!