Sunday, April 11, 2010

Without a Shred of Remorse...

For very different reasons, I am following in the footsteps, to some degree, of my friend Merikay.  She is cleaning out a lot of the stuff in her life over time because she is hoping to RV for a while.  I, on the other hand, just feel weighed down by the stuff of life and am gradually trying to reduce it.

Now, however, I find myself confronted with a larger issue.  we're going to get some repair work done on the drywall in our den and guest bedroom.  Some of you may remember the issues we encountered this winter.

Well, we're going to get that fixed, along with another little water/drywall issue that cropped up when the typhoon remnant came through last year.

But doing that means getting the den and guest bedroom emptied out so contractors can work in there.  That isn't as simple as it sounds.

The result is a mutli-hour effort involving relocating, condensing, and (in some large measure) getting rid of things we no longer need or want or use.  There is also a whole subplot about wireless routers and repeating bridges that hasn't resolved itself just yet, thanks to problems on the part of Netgear.  But I digress.

I have finally pitched a bunch of cassettes that no one will ever listen to again, equipment for cleaning and demagnetizing cassette playback and record heads, an inline dimmer switch of unknown provenance, a bunch of toys I haven't looked at in years, and so on.  The net result was some six linear feet of cabinet and drawer space opened up so I could hide the stuff we need to keep and keep it safe from people wielding plaster and drywall.  Fun.  Not.

In any case, eventually the house was made ready for the great contractor invasion, which should happen tomorrow at 9am, and I have now collapsed in a heap.

I'll write up the bit about wireless networking when I have a resolution.  As of now I don't know how that plays out.

Merikay, at least you know you're not the only one getting rid of things.


  1. Anne tells me the dimmer is hers, and I have recovered it for her. Oh, and I've fixed a bunch of typos and gunk in that post. What a mess. I was really tired when I wrote it. Sorry.

  2. We really need to purge, but the clutter is throughout the house and would be a year-long effort. With the chaos of 4 people living lives at full-tilt in the house, I don't see any change in the near future. Keep blogging about it, though, you might inspire me to throw *something* out.

  3. Aside from putting things in the trash (just before the garbage man comes) or taking them to Goodwill (watching as the man casually tosses them into the truck), I have found the best way to tear my hands off of things I just might want or need again someday, it to put them into boxes in the garage. They have been designated "to flea market" but I know I could retrieve something if I had to. I may just have to have someone else take the boxes away someday so I don't spy a discarded treasure!

    I'm actually starting to see empty places on shelves and in drawers.


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