Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why I Left Verizon

I love it. About a month ago we left Verizon Wireless for a series of reasons: cost, lousy handset choices, and what they do have are hacked to bits to keep you from using the good features.

Today I got an email asking me to take a survey about why we left.

So I tried it. "500 Server Error" on the first page. OK, I think. Their server must be down. I'll try later, because I really want to unload on these nitwits and tell them how much I hate what they do to their customers.

Can't sleep and am up at 3am. Time to try again. I Got 3 pages into the survey before I encountered the "500 Server Error" again.

So that's how incompetent Verizon is: they can't even run the web server that collects data about why their former customers left them.

I give up. They can go rot for all I care now.