Monday, January 12, 2009

High Class Dinners and Cutlery

Yes, that's me. And that's my lovely wife on the left side of the picture. We were at a gathering of good friends who all live nearby. This happened just the other day, and (despite the photographic evidence) we hope to be invited back.

And what, you may ask, is wrong with my nose?

The first response is that the photographer (who will remain nameless, to protect the guilty) is using only an iPhone, and as we all know those don't contain the best quality cameras on the planet. That makes it a bit hard to tell.

But despite that, the full size image just barely reveals that I am doing something few have tried. I've suspended a fork from my nose.

No, really, a fork. Not a spoon. And I did it without glues or adhesives, and without injuring myself in any way. The tines of the fork are distinctly visible on the outside of my honker.

In truth, this photo tells you less about my amazing cutlery suspension abilities than it does about the kinds of people I hang out with.

In any event, we had a wonderful dinner, and we celebrated getting together a bunch of good friends who couldn't - for one reason or another - see each other over the holidays.

May you enjoy such silliness with people you love many times in your life.


  1. Next time you're at Jake's, they need to make you suspend a epee from your nose. :-)

  2. clearly you need a better class of friends. as do your friends.

  3. Well, clearly my friends need a better class of friends. I wouldn't dream of disagreeing with that.

    As for the epee/nose interaction suggestion, I think it would take an amazing amount of cant to let that much weight remain in place. And if it doesn't remain in place things could get ugly quickly. I think I'll let others try that first. :)


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