Sunday, December 21, 2008

What is it with the word "Disruptive"?

Have you noticed that everything is "disrputive" lately? I've seen "disruptive" technologies all over. I've even seen some that claim to be both disruptive and supportive. Huh? To make things even more amusing our local PBS radio station has an underwriter that claims to be a "disruptive financial services firm", or something like that. Again I say, huh?

What is it about the word "disruptive" that has turned it into a marketing favorite lately? Doug H, if you're reading this, marketing is your bread and butter. Can you explain it?

From my perspective the term "disruptive" is generally bad, full of negative connotations. If someone is disruptive at a party you throw them out or call the police. If some bit of software I am working on is "disruptive" I am going to figure out how to shut it up (or down) so I can get on with the work I am trying to do.

This new use of disruptive probably started on the east coast somewhere and moved west. By now I suspect New Yorkers no longer use it... it's so last month. And the sooner it falls out of favor around here the better. If you claim to be a disruptive company, I'm not going to do business with you. Put that in your marketing pipe and smoke it!