Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nerd Check

So we were somewhere on our way back from Illinois on the recent trip when I saw an interestingly shaped cloud in the sky. I pondered it, pointed it out to my wife, and only then realized I had a camera in my cell phone and might be able to take a picture of it. To make a longer story shorter, I got one picture before it changed shape too much. Here it is. Does it remind you of something?

No? Well, as I say, it was changing shape and I wasted a lot of time. But perhaps if I show you the thing it's supposed to look like (to me, anyway). Imagine this flipped over. You might see it in the cloud then.

Perhaps you recognize that? No? Well, FOX did cancel the show way too soon. I only learned about it well after it was off the air, and even after the movie came out. Any clues yet?

The TV show was called Firefly, and both the movie and the spaceship pictured above were named Serenity. The cloud looked something like the ship if you used your imagination. (And if you're a nerd like me.) The show and the movie were quite good. Go rent them or buy them on DVD if you can. They're well written and fun.

Finally, just because I found it on the net, here's a better picture of Serenity:

She's a pretty ship. Now, go watch Firefly. Please. I promise not to mention it again. For a while.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like a flying goose[1].

    Flipped left/right, it looks like Austria.

    [1] We've been watching a lot of the animated version of "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson" (circa 1980, German audio, animated by a Japanese company), which involves a small boy who gets shrunk down to a couple of inches tall and travels with a flock of wild geese across Sweden.


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